About Us

A law firm located in Birmingham, Alabama, King Simmons, PC is dedicated to helping people and their family members all over Alabama and the Southeastern United States who have been the victims of wrongful death, personal injury, fraudulent practices, wrongful employment termination, discrimination, and harassment. The lawyers’ training represented at our firm includes clerkships with two former Chief Justices of the Supreme Court of Alabama.

We are the only firm in Alabama to feature lawyers ranked in the top 5 in both fields of personal injury and workers’ compensation, according to a survey of over 4,000 lawyers published by Birmingham Magazine in 2015.

King Simmons, PC


Mr. King took the time to explain the law to me – full understanding of what he could and could not do.
Shelby T.
They listened well. Everything was good. …Honestly don’t believe anything could have been improved – Alex and Bethany were great.
Kitty R.
Everything was done well!
David B.
I liked the way I was kept informed. About everything that was going on.
David M
Everything went well – it was timely, it was good!
Tony J.
Lindsey handled everything well – no problems whatsoever!
Frostie D.
Everything was done right. I had another lawyer for two years who didn’t do anything and y’all stepped in and did wonderfully!
Timothy B.
Everything was explained very well.
Bradley O.