Workers’ Compensation

Back injuries, knee injuries, broken bones, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck injuries, occupational diseases, and other conditions affect Alabama’s work force constantly. Often, when workers are afflicted with work-related conditions or injuries, employers refuse to pay workers’ compensation benefits or even to provide payment for the medical treatment that the law requires.
The lawyers at King Simmons, PC have handled thousands of workers’ compensation claims, involving virtually every type of injury or condition imaginable – from broken backs to myofascial pain syndrome to reflex sympathetic dystrophy to torn knee ligaments to ruptured or bulging discs.

Injured workers have a variety of complex rights available, involving medical treatment, vocational retraining, job protection, and cash payments for disabilities. Most cases involving workers’ compensation are settled, usually in such a way that results in lump sum cash payments to the injured workers.

Railroad employees, unlike most other classes of workers, are permitted a jury trial when injured on the job. In late 2005, the firm represented an engineer injured on the job when a boxcar was accidentally directed onto the track where he was aboard his locomotive; he suffered a ruptured disc in low back, and was not able to return to work. After a week-long trial, a Jefferson County jury returned a $720,000 verdict to compensate the engineer for the losses that resulted from his injury. The railroad’s motion for a new trial was denied.

Disclaimer: All cases are different, dependent upon the facts unique to each case and the applicable law. The description of results the firm has achieved in particular cases should not be taken as a guarantee of any result, or as a representation that similar results are achieved in any cases other than the ones described. Results will vary depending on a variety of circumstances, and the results described are not necessarily representative of results that might be reached in other cases.